Powerful and Transformational Communication Skills Courses

Personal power and oral communication – MAKE AN IMPACT! Thriving when taking the floor and interact, helping both your firm and your employees. Become better at getting your message across and achieve greater success.

Mobeen Arif, Digital and business transformation NNIT I participated in acourse with focus on voice control, and I must admit, that if it was not the best, then one of the best personal performance courses I have ever attended! Great combination of theory and practical hands-on exercise for utilizing your voice and thereby optimizing your personal performance on stage is a must for everyone working with presentation or public speaking. Vibeke is an eminent teacher and her background as opera singer works well in applying the oral communication techniques. A warm recommendation, and definitely worth trying for anyone who looks for enhancing their on-stage performance

Do you and your company want to increase your power and achieve greater success? Would you like to be better at getting your message across in your communications, meetings and presentations? 

Do you wish to make a good impression when you’re in dialogue with your colleagues, customers, and partners? 
Do you want to become better at understanding each other across the boundaries of organisations, languages and cultures? 

Then you have landed at the right spot, while we are a training and development company that transform your oral communication skills and behaviour, helping you to perform in the best way possible with authenticity.

At Voxlab, we are experts at developing the personal and joint potential that means you and your company will act and respond optimally in crucial situations. 

Carolina Mir Tønder, Senior Recruitment Manager at Rambøll Denmark A/S 
“Vibeke gave a course in Ramboll on presentation techniques – ‘Take the floor’. Her approach is unique and will give you insights in all the necessities to deliver a great presentation for a huge audience. She will make you feel comfortable in the learning process and will for sure be able to improve your skills no matter what level you would be at. I highly recommend her for her professionalism, engagement and interaction”.

Voxlab delivers knowledge and experiences through courses, one-on-one training and team building. 

Voxlab provides powerful, efficient tools that are easy to apply in daily life and, as an added bonus, are both relaxing and pleasant.

Our focus points are on non-verbal physical tools such as voice and body language, a positive mindset, and those highly important details that are crucial to ensuring that your presentations and communication will form a higher synthesis – every time. 

Voxlab consists of Vibeke Krogsgaard, who founded the company in 2000, and a staff of professional performing artists, all of whom possess solid knowledge and many years of practical experience in how to turn on personal power, step forward and take the floor, engage your audience and create a common basis for good co-operation. 

Wioleta Dziadosz, Sourcing project manager Danfoss Vibeke is charismatic, energetic person, with a gift to share this great energy with her students. She has huge experience in public performance as an opera siger, teacher, professional speaker,. Vibeke as well has a solid knowledge, that she is able to pass during the course. Voice exercises, voice warm up, building selfconfidence, right posture, right gestures, preparation for public speaking... Great course, I recommend to everyone. 

Take the floor

The course ‘Personal power, oral communication and presentation’ at Voxlab will teach you how to take the floor, and how to connect with and engage your audience.
The course provides practical methods and tools that will help you to express yourself in a powerful and engaging manner with the help of knowledge of both verbal and non-verbal communication. 


Your powerful voice, it is not what you say it is how you say it.

The voice is involved in any kind of oral communication, and is a unique and important part of our identity.  Despite how important the quality of the voice is, according to get our communication across, most people do not consider to train and develop this very important tool - but they should. It can make a huge difference in many aspects such as work performance, all aspects of our communication, self-esteem and confidence, and others’ attitudes towards you etc.


Sharp at Skype?

Through voice training, correct posture, personal impact and a sensible microphone sound you will be able to communicate clearly and effectively in Skype meetings/conference calls. Get your message across and increase your sales.


Here and now help – get your message across in just a few hours

We’re there for you when you need feedback and help to get the last important details in place and boost your performance on the floor when the project is to be presented, or the new strategy implemented, or the speech held, or whatever it is that has to ‘go live’ within a short time frame.