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Take the floor, Personal power, oral communication and presentation

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Develop your ability to influence your environment

Why and what
In any situation of dialogue, presentation or negotiation, it is essential that you get the desired message across clearly to your listeners.But when the spotlight is on you, a lack of personal power, feelings of nervousness and pressure of time, can impair your focus. That may lead to important points being missed out and your efforts being wasted.
However, the art of good communication and getting your message across effectively is a skill that anyone can learn. 

The challenge
One way to avoid failures of communication is to learn some very basic performance techniques and know how to use your voice and body language. The way we speak and the way we move, quickly influences our audience’s impression of whether the speaker is trustworthy or not. If, for example, your speech is vague, rapid, mumbling or inadequately enunciated, there is a serious risk that the audience will mentally ‘check out’, or can´t understand what you are saying.
The same is true if your body language fails to support the content,  if you hide behind a Power Point presentation, or if you appear ‘closed off’ in attitude. We must pay attention to these small but vital signals that create the whole and a connection between the sender and receiver of the message, which makes it all come together. 

The course ‘Personal power, oral communication and presentation’ at Voxlab will learn you how to take the floor, and how to connect with and engage your audience.
The course provides practical methods and tools that will help you to express yourself in a powerful and engaging manner with the help of knowledge of both verbal and non-verbal communication. 
How to control your voice and body language, the enormous importance of how to work with mental motivation and herby steer your confidence, inner calm, engagement and energy in the desired direction. 
How to actually take the floor literally, and get at good balance while using by example Power Point or white board.
You will also get to know “the secret details” you may never have thought about could have such a bad or great impact.

Tools like this will help you to reduce your stress level and remain calm under pressure, allowing you to focus on the content of your message and on giving and receiving a good and useful experience through your communication. 

What will you learn on the course “Personal power”? 
•    How to turn on’ focus and commitment and retain the audience’s attention from start to finish 
•    How to control any nervousness or blackouts 
•    Find the right balance between oral communication and PowerPoint 
•    Strengthen your voice technigue and  speak clearly with volume and a pleasant  sound
•    Create meaning and variation ind the content using: emphasis, artificial pauses, tempo  
•    How to use posture as a backup to body language and imbue your voice with energy 
•    How to achieve a relaxed, natural body language that is in harmony with your message 
•    How to find a personal presentation style and get it across efficiently every time 
•    How to ‘read’ your audience and get the best out of the situation 

Structure of the course 
The course begins with a theoretical presentation on personal power, seasoned with good advice and concrete tools. After that, participants are given active exercises to perform, according to the motto ‘practice makes perfect’. 
All of the participants will receive focused personal training from the course instructor and a personal plan for the efficient implementation of the new skills. After the course, a compendium and training videos will be supplied, containing the same exercises used during the course.
Please notice that No video recordings will be made during the course. 

What effect will the course “Personal power” have on the participant, and on the company?
•    The course will strengthen the development of individual performance skills and create a personal, strong and positive profile. 
•    The course will provide your company with an employee with a strong profile who knows how to present the company in the best possible way. 
•    The course will provide tools to improve communication skills so as to more easily manage and harmonise self-confidence and motivation, body language and vocal expression with the message itself. 
•    The course will enhance your employee’s skills at presenting and explaining facts, projects, results and ideas. 
•    The course will make your employee better at describing and selling your ideas and products in a clear and committed manner. 
•    The course will equip the individual participant with easily applicable knowledge and tools that provide the self-confidence, self-motivation, visibility and authority you need when you have to take the floor, communicate and succeed. 
•    The course will supply effective, practical tools for managing fruitful communication both internally and externally. 
•    The course will provide good ideas for managing your message with no, or few and simple, visual means. 

This course are recommended by Wioleta Dziadosz ( Danfoss) "I had a chance to participate in the course "Take the floor- personal performance and presentation."- that Vibeke has leaded. Vibeke is charismatic, energetic person, with a gift to share this great energy with her students. She has huge experience in public performance as an opera siger, teacher, professional speaker,. Vibeke as well has a solid knowledge, that she is able to pass during the course. Voice exercises, voice warm up, building selfconfidence, right posture, right gestures, preparation for public speaking... Great course, I recommend to everyone"

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Carolina Mir Tønder, Senior Recruitment Partner/Recruitment Manager at Rambøll Danmark A/S 
“Vibeke gave a course in Ramboll on presentation techniques – ‘Take the floor’. Her approach is unique and will give you insights in all the necessities to deliver a great presentation for a huge audience. She will make you feel comfortable in the learning process and will for sure be able to improve your skills no matter what level you would be at. I highly recommend her for her professionalism, engagement and interaction”.

Miroslav Bredschneider, System application engineer Danfoss A/S 
“Big thank you Vibeke. I realized during your course (and later on when I did homework) how important is to pronounce words clearly to make my messages strong an engaging. Even more, crucial change happened in my presentation style. And I am not afraid of the important silent pauses anymore! Participation in your session has improved the way how I present. I am grateful to you”.

Peter Sol Danish Ministry of defence 
Take the floor 

“I had the opportunity to participate in one of Vibeke’s courses "Take the floor". The aim was to optimise my performance in front of other people and make the message clear. Vibeke taught us to be aware of and use our body language and voice to emphasise the message. Vibeke’s personal energy and knowledge of the subject was very inspiring and motivating. She was in herself a very good example of what she was teaching. I learned a lot from Vibeke, and I’m making good use of the techniques, not only in my work but also in many other aspects of daily life. I can strongly recommend her”.

Jan Rubæk-Pedersen, Manager, Sensor R&D, Danfoss IXA A/S 
”I will strongly recommend Vibeke for her teaching skills and authentic behaviour - it's an absolute pleasure to enjoy her presense and firm guidance. Wan't to be better at presenting and put on a good show? - ask her! I love it!”. 

Heidi Steen, Manager for food and beverage Coop
“ I have participated in a course by Vibeke: Presentation techniques. Vibeke focused on using your voice and body language as a mean to more personal power. This is one of the best courses I have participated in. Helping me to more clear communication in any situation. Vibeke is a very competent and lively woman, training in a very pleasant and inspiring way. Can only recommend attending Vibekes courses”.

Marianne Benfeldt Academic Officer/AC-Fuldmægtig at Copenhagen Business School 
Take the floor 

“I can highy recommend every manager/leader to take a course instructed by Vibeke Krogsgaard at Voxlab, and by that to perform verbally - Get in control with your voice and body language - and perform well at presentations/seminars/conferences or when teaching. Vibeke has a profound insight and a very professional approach in her work, which for me has meant that I have achieved a tremendous and positive change in my own presentations. Thank you so much, Vibeke for your professional guidance, deep insight and devoted work to help and improve my performance”.