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Your powerful voice: it is not what you say, it is how you say it.

Learn to use your powerful vehicle to persuade and connect with others – your voice

Why ? Our voice is the instrument to get all oral communication into the ether, no voice- no oral communication. It is crucial to feel and sound confident and engaging.  Why the audience perceive the speaker and the content, due to the quality of the sound and the use of prosody that gives the words the wanted intention.


The challenge? The voice is a complicated instrument, and its behavior depends on many factors, due to the situations where we need to speak. If we do not know how to use  voice technique, we can´t always steer  the voice in the desired direction

Common voice challenges is:

  • sounding monotonous
  • nervous sound
  • speaking to fast
  • the lack of prosody : volume, artificial pauses, pase, rythm, pitch
  • voice troubles as tired voice,hoarse or clearing the throat
  • Heavy accent
  • a sound that does not fit the person

What ?At this Voxlab course, you will get tools to develop your voice to sound great and engaing in any situation.

Among the topics are:

  • How to use the voice correct- join the technician room to learn to steer your voice physically as well as mentally
  • How can you develop your voice
  • The respiration system is the key to a strong clear voice- use your respiration the right way
  • How the voice react when changing languages
  • The importance of the voice neurons versus body- language
  • How to use prosody to express the content with pitch, volume, emphasis, tempi and artificial pauses
  • How to create a good  start and ending an how to engage your audience
  • How to “warm up” before “showtime”
  • Circumstances, that may influence the voice for good or bad and how to handle it

Structure of the course

The course begins with an introduction about the amazing world of the voice. After that, the participants, are given active exercises to develop your voices . You will receive focused personal training from the course instructor and a personal plan for the efficient implementation of the new skills. 

This course is for anyone who wants to be better at use their voice
 No matter if you simply wish to get to use your voice in a more professional matter, or you experience voice challenges in general, this course will ensure you perform with power and persuasion. You'll discover that taking control over your voice makes you perform as you want to at any time.

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Open online course Half day course held over 2 days x 2,5 hours

When March  the and at 10.00-12.30 CET
Participants 6.

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Are you curious to get more interesting facts and knowledge ) the read on :

We communicate using our voice for many hours every day
In order to get our communication heard, it is important that we experience our voice well functioning, and with a pleasant sound.

 As well as the audience experience a voice they pay attention to, get engaged and remember the messages.

The way in which our voice performs influences

  • Work performance and –status.
  • All aspects of our communication.
  • Self-esteem and confidence.
  • Others’ attitudes towards you and your message and whether they will listen to you or not.


Maria José Schmidt -Kessen  Ass. professor EU commercial Iaw CBS I participated in Vibekes workshop essentially about using the voice effectively. Vibeke has an incredible presence (you immediately spot her stage experience), a very pedagogical approach in explaining how the voice works and how to use it, and an extremely trained eye and ear, to spot imperfections in posture and voice projection. Her feedback is therefore extremely valuable. I recommend her courses and would take more myself.


Why does the voice react the way it does?
The voice is a delicate and complicated instrument. Its behavior depends on many physical and mental factors, due to the situations where we need to speak. When we do not know how to use voice technique, we can´t steer the voice in the desired direction.  A common example is, when we are going to present: the voice may betray us, for instance sounding monotonous, speaking faster than we want to, or being nervous can create a shaky sound.

If our voice and sound do not present our message optimally, there is a risk that: 

  • You may fail to get your message across
  • You may lose influence 
  • Important points and facts in your message may get lost
  • People may not listen to you
  • You may become nervous and thereby lose your grip on how to communicate optimally  
  • Important words, word endings, abbreviations and phrases may often be unclear 
  • People may understand your message as the precise opposite of what you intended to say – perhaps in a negative direction 

What can you learn from the course?

  • How to use your voice in a physically and mentally correct manner 
  • How to get rid of various voice challenges 
  • How to create volume, sensible tempi, good emphasis and dynamics, complete sentences and endings, and efficiently emphasise the most important words and abbreviations 
  • How to become better at giving presentations, pitches, or any other kind of oral communication style
  • How to “warm up” before “showtime”
  • How to turn on your voice impact, both physically and mentally
  • How to control insecurity and gain inner calm  to control your voice
  • How good posture and sitting or standing correctly secures a good, confident voice and impact 
  • Why it’s a good idea to avoid certain types of food and drink, throat lozenges and medications, air condition and other challenges that may affect your voice 
  • How to “save” your voice on a bad voice day, such as when you have a cold 

After the course, you and your company will have an employee who: 

  • Can optimally promote the company’s messages and visions, both internally and externally
  • Can best represent the company and its products and give the desired impression to the outside world 
  • Can provide clear, engaging and captivating speeches, pitches, presentations and any other kind of oral communication as well
  • Can speak clearly, with emphasis and variation in tone, volume and tempo
  • Can understand the technical speech differences involved in the cooperation between brain and the physical voice
  • Uses the important artificial pauses 
  • Knows how to achieve a good sense of inner calm, energy and engage the audience

NB. Do you experience one or more of the following points

  • It takes great force for you to talk
  • Your voice starts feeling bad during the day
  • An uncomfortable or sore feeling in your throat
  • Shortness of breath when you speak
  • General muttering, whispering or a weak voice
  • A general desire for you to speak in a louder voice, from your listeners
  • Then we highly recommend that you take vocal training.

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Mobeen Arif, Management Consulting | Digital & Business Transformation | Regulatory Compliance NNIT
In October 2019, I participated in an "Assertive verbal communication" course with focus on voice control hosted by Copenhagen Business School (CBS), and I must admit, that if it was not the best, then one of the best personal performance courses I have ever attended! Great combination of theory and practical hands-on exercise for utilizing your voice and thereby optimizing your personal performance on stage, is a must for everyone working with presentation or public speaking. Vibeke is an eminent teacher and her background as opera singer works well in applying the oral communication techniques. A warm recommendation, and definitely worth trying for anyone who looks for enhancing their on-stage performance

1-1 Training and course. Morten Christensen Head of Global NPI at Widex

If you want to develop yourself in terms of your communication skills I can highly recommend Voxlab. The focus on body language, pronunciation and vocal training rendered very fast and obvious results when it comes to my personal assertiveness. It was an extremely positive and entertaining experience. It is definitely the best coaching I have ever had, and from all the courses I have taken this course is one out of two that has helped me take a tiger leap. As a positive side effect I got an improved singing voice.

Werner Worm, Professor Professor of Chinese Business and Development CBS 
1:1 voicetraining              

“It is pleasure to recommend Vibeke Krogsgaard. She uses her background as a professional singer to teach professors and many others how to improve our articulation and voice aspects of our presentations techniques and thereby to improve our teaching capabilities. Personally my pronunciation is much clearer than before the course and my teaching ratings are much higher. I benefitted also a lot from her video instruction that she provided. Vibeke is one of the most professional and inspiring teacher I have met because she is interested and concerned with the 'whole' person she meets. Vibeke is not only focusing on improving presentation techniques and communication skills and capabilities but thereby also improving one's self-confidence and work satisfaction. Based on my own experiences I can highly recommend Vibeke. She has improved my presentation technique after only a few hours and Vibeke is very pedagogical and supportive during the lessons. It has really been a helpful course, she has offered”.

Miroslav Bredschneider, System application engineer Danfoss A/S 
“Big thank you Vibeke. I realized during your course (and later on when I did homework) how important is to pronounce words clearly to make my messages strong an engaging. Even more, crucial change happened in my presentation style. I am not afraid of silent pauses anymore! Participation in your session has improved the way how I present. I am grateful to you

Birgitte Rønn, Principal Statistician at Novo Nordisk

I have participated at an intern course, and after that, I took a one-on-one coaching, to develop my voiceskills. I feel that I have got a brand new Competence,- and I am getting so much positive feed-back on my appearance when presenting and giving lectures.I will surely recomend Vibeke as a great courseleader and teatcher, she is very constructive and gives usefull feed-back.