Acute help – get your message across in just a few hours

We’re there for you when you need acute feedback and help to get the last important details in place and boost your performance on the floor when the project is to be presented, or the new strategy implemented, or the speech held, or whatever it is that has to ‘go live’ within a short time frame. 

Here you can obtain information and inspiration on the services we can provide, such as one-on-one training or one of the other course descriptions at Voxlab – or you can call or e-mail us.

Scenario 1: A customer was applying to the EU for EUR 100,000  in research funding. 
They had 10 minutes to present the case to the jury, which also had to listen to and evaluate many other applicants.

The person who was to present the case to the jury had prepared what he would say and created a Power Point presentation. 

During the two hours he spent with me, we reviewed and trained the following: 

  • How to make an entrance, make eye contact and position oneself in relation to the computer and slides
  • How to speak at a calm, varied pace and display presence and commitment
  • How to hold effective artificial pauses at particularly important figures and points 
  • Why he should keep quiet when switching from slide to slide
  • How to stand and point out details on the slides with a firmly stretched arm 
  • That he should wear a special blue T-shirt (as the jury was also casually dressed) in a colour that matched the blue colours of the slides, as this brought a sense of calm to the interaction between the speaker and the slides.

The customer's feedback was that the jury, unusually for them, had listened to and watched all of the slides from start to finish, and that the funding had now been granted. 

Scenario 2: A customer had applied for an important position. She came for three hours to obtain help on how to use her personal power to get the job. Among the things she trained in were: 

  • How to manage her natural nervousness at the job interview through breathing and positive motivation 
  • How to use her voice to clearly and confidently argue why they should choose her for the position 
  • How to sit in a good posture on the chair to obtain the best possible volume and sound for her voice, and so that her body language was addressed positively towards those who had invited her to the interview

The customer got the job! 

Do you need assistance and help to get the most out of your next performance?